Creating and selling a digital product is a great way to monetize your blog. In other words, it’s a clever strategy to get paid for blogging, because anyone who visits your blog will have the option to buy something from you before they exit your website.

A digital product is something you can sell online such as a PDF download or an online course of some sort. The digital products you create to sell on your blog should always have significant value, such as specialized information that is not easy to find for free online (or if it is easy to find online, perhaps not as in-depth as your product.)

Typically, the buyer can access your product immediately after payment. An online course, for example, is a digital product that your blog visitor can access as soon as they pay for it online. You don’t need to ship a digital course, and the fact that it’s available immediately gives users more incentive to buy it now. Another digital product that’s a popular choice is an ebook that users can download after payment. Much more information, knowledge, and expertise will be included in an ebook compared to a blog article, and that’s why it’s worth paying for.

How Do You Get Paid For Blogging With Digital Products?

You might be wondering, can you really get paid for blogging through digital products? The answer is yes, especially if your readers trust you and view you as an expert in a given niche.

Think of it this way: You wrote the blog post for free, but the digital product you’re selling at the bottom of the blog post – the online course or ebook, for example – is not free, because it expands on the teaser content you provided for free.

You’ll make more money with digital products if you have word-of-mouth referrals and great reviews, which is why you should put care into your product before you launch it on your blog.

Do you have the time to create an online course to sell on your blog? What are you good at, that you could teach others how to be good at? What type of content do your readers seem to want more of? What subject matter are you an expert in? Is it the type of subject matter that is best explained through a video, or best explained in writing? Asking yourselves these questions will help you figure out which digital products you should create.

We’ll discuss 5 of the best digital products to sell on a blog in more detail, but first, why is this monetization strategy so profitable?

Why Are Digital Products So Profitable?

The best part about creating a digital product is that you only have to create it once, and you can then sell it thousands of times. When you think about the time and effort that goes into writing an ebook or creating an online course, don’t forget that you can sell that product an infinite number of times without having to put in any additional work (aside from the occasional marketing efforts).

This means that while you are in bed, fast asleep, people around the globe could be buying a digital product you created years ago. It’s passive income, and you don’t have to wake up in the morning and ship anything to the buyer – they already have it.

The fact that it’s a digital product that means you have endless inventoryand there’s no limit on how many copies you can sell. Aside from the initial effort required to create the product, it’s smooth sailing and passive income. The ease of distribution is especially appealing, and whether you’re selling your digital product for $5 or $595, the sales can really add up over time.

Think about how low the overhead costs are when creating a digital product, and how high the profit margins are. Imagine spending six weeks putting together an ebook, and earning six figures from its sales. All you have to do is be self-disciplined enough to create a quality product, and educate yourself on how to market it. Marketing it through your blog is a great start.